Well, the new school year is in full swing. You probably have already chosen the spelling curriculum your child will be using for the year. Have you found that your spelling curriculum is a good fit for your student and the way he learns?

To be honest with you, we are using our same curriculum, Time4Learning. It includes the subject of spelling within the language arts course. It is colorful, and moves at the pace my daughter chooses. It requires the minimum of writing on her part, which is always good, because she hates to write.

If you child needs more practice than is available in your current spelling program or your are looking for a different program, you might consider checking out Time4Learning. They offer grade specific lists, and activities that allow reviews on word groups like words with Latin or Greek roots.

And just for grins, I will add in a spelling rule we learned a while back, maybe it will help your child remember this trick.

The letter “Q” is like a queen, she never goes anywhere alone, she is always accompanied by at least one security guard, “u” who allows her to do her job, without getting in her way. In English, “Q” does not appear without a “u”. Neat, huh?

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