Proof reading and spelling

I’m not sure that spelling is ever going to be a strong subject for my daughter, but in the course of a year her spelling has improved, and that leaves me with the hope that she will continue to improve. One of the things that I have noticed, and probably failed to mention to this point is that she is a voracious reader.

Because she reads very well, she is exposed to words of all types, all the time. And maybe because she is a strong reader, she can recognize a word when it is spelled wrong. Isn’t that odd? She can not necessarily tell me what the correct spelling is, but she can tell me if the spelling is incorrect. This means that she can edit and proof read.

In an effort to allow her to have additional exposure to spelling words correctly, I have made some exercises that allow her to use her proof reading skills, and spelling skills at the same time. I write a paragraph, purposefully make spelling errors, and punctuation errors, and give her a word bank of correctly spelled words for her to choose from . She can then write the correctly spelled words on lines I provide at the bottom of the page.

Know what the best part of this exercise is? I can sneak in topics she needs to learn about, even if it is just a current event, or an animal fact and it becomes an all around learning experience. She gets some spelling, some proof reading, a little bit of factual information, and because she is good at part of it, it doesn’t seem like such hard work.

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