On being well educated…

Last time I played devil’s advocate and asked the question as to whether spelling was an obsolete subject, or if there was still value in teaching our children to spell.

Apparently, my idea is that spelling is necessary and important. It is true that a bunch of electronic devices have spell checkers, and those that don’t have spell checkers utilize texting, which is almost like another language entirely. The truth of the matter is that there are times when we have to use old-fashioned, hand-written means of communication.

An example of this would be the essay exam. If you do not teach your child at least the fundamentals of spelling, how will she be able to take written college entrance exams? How will she be able to answer essay type questions on college exams? How will they know the correct spelling of a word when there are two or three spelling, and meanings of a word?

I believe that spelling is an important part of being a well educated individual. Is it possible to make mistakes? Sure, everyone can use the wrong word, or hit a wrong key, but in the end, it is more important that my child look like we are actually educating her. And a paper full of poor spelling is not a credit to her education, or my attempts at educating her.

Maybe that is a paranoid home school parent speaking. What do you think?

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