More on games…

Hey, I have another suggestion for you regarding game playing and spelling. But first let me tell you that I really am a firm believer in making learning fun. The more fun it can be the less drudgery my daughter has to deal with. And the less drudgery I have to deal with. And the less complaining, stalling, and balking I have to deal with. My daughter can be a champion balker!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my daughter is hyperactive, clinically so. When it came to checking off the list of symptoms for ADHD, my daughter had most of them. Being still is difficult for her unless she is doing something she really loves or is interested in. Spelling is NOT one of those things!

I have discovered that hanging her head upside down from chairs, while kicking her feet in the air, or jumping on the sofa, or even bouncing a ball are all within the realm of normal for her. All of that being said, here is where the game comes in. We get a ball, or a bean bag, or a small stuffed animal. (no animal, real or stuffed were injured in the playing of this game!) Then I have her spell a word out loud, each letter getting a toss of the ball in the air, and a catch.

Something about the activity and spelling the word out loud, even if she is reading it off of the white board, helps the spelling of it stick in her brain. Whatever works, right?!

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