Spelling is such an important subject. Students still need fluency with the basics of literacy which are the sounds and the letter combinations that make them.

B for ball, T for train.  TH for that.  CH for change.   F for fat.  And EA for eat.

There are some great teaching resources

for these basic skills….

Word Lists & Lessons offers video lessons, enrichment strategies for teachers, parents and homeschoolers, plus useful word lists for grades K through high school. A variety of K-12 Language Arts lessons are offered including AnalogiesCompound Words, and Figurative Language. Thousands of word lists are here, ready to import into your account while logged in, such as Beginning Spelling CurriculumSight Words, and Academic Vocabulary.

Remember that VSC’s  word lists fit general guidelines. Since curricula and students’ abilities vary, be sure to check more than one grade level to find exactly the words you need

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    Why isn’t the word “automaticity” which is so popular as a concept in pedagogy, recognized by spelling checkers? Ironic, isn’t it?

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